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Bean Recipes
bean recipes Beans, beans, the magical fruit ... um, OK, we won't finish that little rhyme. But if you try one of these bean recipes, you'll surely want to finish that!

Featured Bean Recipe
Combine black beans, low-fat sour cream, cottage cheese and cream cheese, and lasagna noodles (among other things), and you have a Black Bean Lasagna recipe, a great entree for vegetarians.

Bean Dip Recipes
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More Bean Recipes
Baked Bean Stew
Barbecue Beans
Bean and Shrimp Risotto
Bean Tamale Pie
Black Bean Burritos
Black Bean Lasagna
Black Bean Pumpkin Soup
Cajun Bean, Corn and Shrimp Bisque
Creole Beans
Garden Vegetable and Bean Soup
Jaffa Chicken and Bean Stew
Jamaican Beans and Rice
Lima Bean and Green Bean Salad
New Orleans Red Beans
Pasta with Beans and Green Beans
Pork, Black Bean and Sweet Potato Stew
Scampi with White Beans
South American Black Bean Stew
Tamari Turkey and Beans
Texas Ranger 9-Bean Soup
Tuscan Bean Soup

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